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Regina LockwoodRegina Lockwood is a consistent top producer at Ferrari-Lund Real Estate in Reno, Nevada. Regina has capitalized on her extensive community knowledge to quickly become one of the most respected and successful agents in the office and selling over $20 million dollars of real estate in just the past four years. Regina collaborates with sellers to establish the best price for their home and positions the property to sell quickly, usually concluding the entire transaction in approximately 45 days. During the recent challenging real estate market, Regina has become an expert in handling short sale listings and has successfully negotiated short sales with all major banks, credit unions and financial institutions, including assisting sellers with multiple mortgages and multiple banks. She personally handles all aspects of the transaction and makes the process simple and less stressful for those selling a home. For those looking to purchase, Regina has earned a reputation for diligence and persistence to assist buyers in finding a perfect home with comfortable financing. With nearly 25 years in Northern Nevada, Regina personally knows the schools, shopping centers and unique features of all neighborhoods. She has mastery of financing options and helps buyers from all income levels find the perfect mortgage, including helping many find down payment assistance and first-time home buyer options. Regina’s clients have nothing but praise for her easy-going demeanor and her efforts to simplify the process of buying or selling a home and to make the experience pleasant for everyone!